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10 Smart Tips For Lifestyle Photography

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Lifestyle photography is an interesting terrain to delve into. It captures moments, experiences and the personality of individuals. Lifestyle photography documents real-life events and occurrences in an artistic manner, however, it comes with its rudiments.

It is a beautiful way to tell a story that the audience can relate with and connect to, entailing capturing one’s everyday life and activities with the lens of a camera.

There are key tips that one should take cognizance of, in going into the field of lifestyle photography, and they include;

Have Passion for What You Do

It’s crucial to have passion for photography before you delve into it because that will keep you going. When you are passionate about what you do, you will have the drive to forge ahead.

Map Out a Plan

Before you venture into lifestyle photography, it is pertinent to have a plan. Know what you aim to achieve, and before you go on every shoot, write down your plan. Every lifestyle photography session requires a different plan. However, create enough room to explore while at it.

Be Authentic

Lifestyle photography requires so much authenticity, photographs taken should be natural, and capture the moment, they should not seem forced or fake. This therefore means that your clients must be comfortable with you taking shots and even making videos of them.

Lifestyle photography
A lifestyle photographer capturing nighttime moments. Photo source:

Choose Your Settings

Setting is a crucial factor in lifestyle photography. Ensure you get the right and adequate settings in place, and check out for the perfect lighting for your photos. Arrive at your shooting location on time to set up your cameras in preparation for shooting.

Create a Comfortable Mood

Let your clients feel comfortable around you and with you capturing them, so they do not fake nor stage their actions. When they are comfortable with you, they tend to genuinely show themselves and depict their emotions, which will help you the photographer in telling a unique story with the camera.

Tell a Story

You should be able to tell a story with your camera. By capturing life moments, events and experiences of people, you can be able to tell a story, their story that others can learn from.

Savour Every Moment

A lifestyle photographer on duty is like a soldier on an assignment – never let your guard down. Capture every moment, savour every experience and document it because you never can tell where that story is coming from.

Lifestyle photography
Photo source:

Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity is key in lifestyle photography. There are times that you just have to go with the flow. For example, you could be on a journey and decide to capture every step of the way, letting us know the routes and other amazing sights to behold. Same way, you could attend a wedding, a birthday party, a fashion show and just get to documenting candid moments- therein lies the beauty of lifestyle photography.

Document Candid Moments

Candid pictures depicts authenticity, shows life as it is, and people as they are. So, a lifestyle photographer should be able to capture candid photos and moments as they tell phenomenal stories.

Lifestyle photography
Candid shot of a boy in the rain holding an umbrella. Photo source:

Spice it Up

Yes! You can spice it up and make it fun for all. Help create and initiate moods that will introduce an exciting atmosphere where everyone is comfortable, relaxed and ready to bare it all.

Savour every moment. Relish every experience. Just shoot it! Lifestyle photography can be fun too!

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