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Barely three days after the news of the death of 157 persons on board the Ethiopian airline in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia, there has been another major incident, but this time, in the city of lagos Nigeria.

It was a black and gloomy Wednesday in the streets of Ita Faji in Lagos Island when news of a three Storey building housing a school and other facilities collapsed, trapping over a 100 persons with children inclusive.

The building, located on the cramped street characterized by old buildings, went down around 9.45am when pupils of the school, which occupied the second floor were getting into the day’s activities proper and scores of residents were home.

Witnesses and thousands of residents stormed the street, to try to rescue people stuck in the debris, there was an toll of about 8 to 10 persons before emergency services came to the scene.

Members of the Lagos State Emergency Management Authority, the Police, National Emergency Management Agency and other rescue workers who rushed to the scene had to contend with both crowd and rubble as they joined the desperate rescue effort that continued into the night.

As the news of the collapse spread, anxious parents, friends, and relatives made their way to the school to find their loved ones and children. Residents in the area said the building was over 20 years old and its structural integrity was in question.

There were lots of children in and area the vicinity as it is said, that an illegal school ran its operations there.

The governor of Lagos state, governor Ambode was present at the scene and further expressed his concerns over the integrity of the buildings in the area, and has said, integrity tests would be carried out on the buildings.

As of today, 14th March, the Lagos state government has said that the rescue operations on the site has reached ground zero after several hours of excavation and that no further persons were found.

They were many wailing parents,and neigbors, expressing concerns majorly over the building being population by young children.

We wish the injured once speedy recovery and may the souls of the dead rest in peace.

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