The Lagos State government through the Office of the Civic Engagement in the state, has empowered 2,000 citizens with N20,000 each to engage them in small scale business as part of the Lagos State Enterprise scheme to eradicate unemployment in the state.

The Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, enlightened that the money is given to the beneficiaries to assist them in expanding their business and improving their lives. He made this known at the presentation ceremony put together by the office of the Civic Engagement to mark activities for the year’s ‘Civic Week’

Speaking at the event, the Special Adviser to the Lagos State government on Civic Engagement, Princess Aderemi Adebowale, sheared more light on the State’s initiative. She explained how the Lagos State initiative, powered through her office, alongside the ‘Sanwo-Olu Cares’ initiative, will aid those receiving the grants with technical support and advise.

She remarked on how those receiving the grants would be encouraged to invest half of the money in small scale business and with the help of partnering companies their businesses will be planned and monitored to achieve the set goal.

The Special Adviser also included in her address that the Lagos State government through the office of the Civic Engagement will be working to inculcate civic morals and values in it’s citizens especially on the children and youth as part of this year’s lined up Civic activity projects.

Ensuring that the Lagos State government, through the office of the Civic Engagement powered Project is sustained, aided along side partnering Companies, the scheme will see to it that not only do the beneficiaries of the Grant start up a business, they will be monitored for three months to assess their progress. After evaluating the first three months, each beneficiary that makes required progress will receive additional N20,000 and monitored for another three months to receive additional Grants.

“We aim at building a people-centered Lagos by adopting a variety of engaging activities as a channel to inspire individuals to be active participants in the process of nation-building. Engaging citizens remains our ultimate goal. We can only improve Lagos through our collective effort” added Princess Aderemi Adebowale, Special Adviser to the Lagos State government on Civic Engagement.

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