Three men who had tried to force their way into the British military base camp were apprehended by the special forces of the Kenyan Police in the Laikipia county.

According to the police report obtained by Associated Press, the three suspects who were caught attempting to gain entrance into the British Army Training Unit in Laikipia central Kenya are being treated as terrorist suspects.

Officials of the Police department further gave details to the Kenyan daily Press on the the three suspects, described as Kenyan men, stating that they approached the gates trying to gain entrance without any weapons on them. Nevertheless they were apprehended and handed over to the Anti-Terror Police Unit for questionings.

Another arrest was made around the same time as the three terrorist suspects where being arrested, of a fourth man, described as a Somali-Canadian.

According to the police report the man, who is also interrogated by the Anti-Terror Police Unit, was apprehended while taking photographs of the Kenyan Air Force Base in Eastleigh, located over 100 miles to the south just outside of Nairobi.

It is uncertain about the the two arrest being linked one to the other, or being linked to that of al-Shabab extremists attack on a U.S. military base that killed three U.S. military personnel, taking to account that the extremists attack occurred around the same time in Lamu county.

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