The Ugandan State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Henry Okello Oryem, Tuesday’s 14th January address, on the state of roads in the country, before the parliamentary committee to “answer queries relating to next year’s Budget Framework Paper,” has received outlaugh reactions from citizens on social media.

His comments about the roads not being entirely bad as thought was in response to the committee’s preposition on the state of the roads over impending rain falls and how Uganda isn’t attracting more tourists compared to Kenya and Tanzania.

The Minister was reported in the media to have expressed to the lawmakers that Uganda not having more tourists compared to neighboring countries isn’t entirely due to bad roads, “For us, a bad road is cause for complaining. But for people in affluent societies who have never experienced getting stuck on a bad road, pushing a car from a ditch can be part of tourism experience,” Oryem said.

According to him, tourists are still encouraged by most traveling agencies to visit Uganda. Despite the issue of bad roads, which to the Ugandan Foreign Affairs Minster isn’t enough to scare off tourists, travel agencies keep pointing out Uganda as a model African tourists center.

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