Bauchi State Disagrees with NCDC

Bauchi State Disagrees with NCDC

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On Wednesday, NCDC has confirmed that Bauchi has recorded another two new cases in addition to existing six index cases who are currently receiving treatment. Bauchi State Government has disagreed with the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) over  the 2 (two) new cases it recorded for it on the health agency’s portal.

Baba Tela the state’s deputy governor claimed that there was an error from the state and NCDC, noting that there was no new case of Covid-19 in Bauchi that Wednesday.

Bauchi State Disagrees with NCDC bauchi state disagrees with NCDC

“From the samples that were sent to Abuja for testing as part of the evaluation of the existing cases, two came out remain positive and were recorded as new ones for us,” Tela said.

He said that the government has written formally to NCDC to correct the mistake they jointly made.

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“We have been having three cases in Bauchi, later NCDC added three, that made it six. We didn’t accept the three cases because there were discrepancies in the result, though we have had underground communication with them,” Aliyu Maigoro, who is the commissioner for health in the state said.

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