Violators of Lockdown Lagos

Violators of Lockdown Lagos Court Sentences

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Lagos residents that were arrested and convicted for violating “the principles of social distancing.” the violators were arrested by the police.

Lagos police spokesman Bala Elkana in a statement on Wednesday said convicted persons “were arrested playing football on major streets and having group exercise in large number.”

Violators of Lockdown Lagos Court Sentences - Newsnowafrica
violators of lockdown lagos court sentences – Newsnowafrica

73 violators that were arrested persons pleaded guilty to the charge while 3 others pleaded not guilty.

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The guilty persons are to be kept in Government Isolation Centers for 14 days after which they to serve a one month community service for their sentences.

And the three other suspects, which pleaded not guilty, will be brought to Court for trial after observing the 14 days isolation.

A lockdown was imposed in Lagos, by President Muhammadu Buhari last week in order to prevent the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

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