A4Jeazy “Papa Elo” speaks openly about Coronavirus Scam

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Afor Ogidi also known as Papa Elo (a little girl who was missing in 2018 from Lagos and was mysteriously found in Benin), speaks up about the coronavirus, saying that he believes it’s a Scam.

He is a music producer and also the husband of RitaSoul, an award-winning gospel artist in Christ Embassy.

W.H.O is taking advantage of the world’s trust in them to deceive the world. The NCDC is worst!!!
But our prayers are working
God no dey sleep!!! Take it or leave it, this whole COVID 19 is beginning to be unrealistic as it looks.

Now you can’t have malaria or fever and go to the hospital they will isolate you sharply with the help of the force. You will be added to the numbers of new cases of COVID 19.

They will also not treat you so that you would fall and die and it is added to the numbers of death cases.
They will also not allow the families to carry an autopsy on the body as to make it look like the COVID was responsible for the death.

Think about it, do u know how much some government officials are making on this?
Do you know how much will be made on vaccines if the world is forced to use it?
Do u know how much bribery has gone underground to make this happen?

Hmmmmm I sighed 😔 in Chinese.

I know the COVID 19 truly exists, but it has been blown out of proportion to keep you and I handicap and dependent on the media who will never give you the right information on this.
This is the most civilized form of slavery in recent times I have seen.

Well planned and arranged to keep your senses out of range.

They tell you numbers you can’t verify for yourself because you can’t go and check on a COVID 19 patient.

So it is okay to keep giving us numbers of new cases. We will accept it from our houses because we can’t go and verify. If the media likes they will tell us 20 million people has COVID 19 in Nigeria and all we will do is call on our families and friends to confirm if they had and once they don’t have we are okay. However let the 20 million people that was said by the media go to hell!!! E no concern us abi?

When will your eyes be opened to these lies?

Can you please think about this🙏🙄🥺.

May God open your eyes.

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