Trump Signs Executive Order Regulating Social Media Companies

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US president Donald Trump has on Thursday issued an executive order seeking to strip social media giants of their legal immunity to censor write-ups and posts made by users.

The order will deny the likes of Facebook, Twitter the ability to censor the opinion of people or groups and thereby giving the government the ability to regulate them.

Trump who was angered by Twitter this week after they tagged one of his tweets as “Non Factual” said the social media platforms were no longer neutral, rather that they have delved into “political activism”.

According to Trump, such platforms have “unchecked power to censor, restrict… virtually any form of communication between private citizens.”

According to Trump, his executive order aims to “uphold the free speech and rights of the American people.”

The opposition says Trump’s aim is to make weak the same social media platforms on which he is easily the biggest political presence in the country, cowing their attempts to reduce misinformation.

In the light of events, the president is well aware that the order will be challenged in courts and is well braced for such confrontations.

When asked why he wouldn’t just walk away from Twitter, where he has over 80 million followers, Trump said he would, except that he relies on the platform to bypass the traditional media, which he complained is unfair.

Trump is angry about the so much “fake news” on circulation.

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