Beyonce’s ‘Already’ Video Is Stunning Fans All Over The World

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Beyonce's unrivaled artistry shines through in the visuals for ALREADY
Beyonce’s unrivaled artistry shines through in the visuals for ALREADY

Judging by what is glimpsed in Already video, Beyonce’s Black is King album is set to be a monumental masterpiece.

The clip opens with some blacks on a tree, with a conversation from 2019’s The Lion King being played.

At first, it seems out of place in the visuals for this song but as the lines continue, it becomes clear that Beyonce’s track isn’t just about entertainment; racial identity is one of its prominent themes.

When the singer’s voice begins to run some musical scales before the song begins, the listener knows that he or she is bearing witness to something phenomenally epic.


From the usual flamboyant costumes to the representation of the uniqueness of negroes, Already shows why Beyonce is one of the greatest artists to ever walk this earth.

The moment Shatta Wale comes in with his verse, the song takes on a new form, taking on a ragga flavor that is both wonderful and strikingly rich.

Amazing set pieces and ever-changing backdrops are some of the elements that make the visuals for this song more than just your average music video. It is proof of artistry on an epic scale.

Shatta Wale and Beyonce
Shatta Wale and Beyonce

It is hard for Beyonce to make a music video without incorporating some dance moves, and the ones seen here are well choreographed from start to finish.

She may be a mother of children who isn’t getting any younger but Beyonce shows that she hasn’t lost her flexibility and unique dancing ability. If anything, she keeps getting better.

One of the lines that are said the most in the song is ‘Long live the King’. Black is royalty and there is no doubt about that. With this amazing piece, Beyonce’s status as Queen remains unquestionable. Long live the Queen

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