Rapper DaBaby Gets Fans Backlash For Declaring Support For Kanye West

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DaBaby has told his fans that he has decided to vote for Kanye West in the upcoming US presidential elections. The rapper tweeted that he doesn’t care what his fans think because he has already made up his mind about voting for the fellow rapper.

DaBaby has been received several blacklash on social media for revealing that he will vote for Kanye West in the upcoming US elections. The rapper took to Twitter recently and told his 2.5 million followers that he is voting for fellow rapper, Kanye.

Some of the tweets suggested that the rapper is not eligible to vote as he allegedly has a conviction for a felony. Some said his vote for Kanye is literally a vote for Trump. Few fans reactions are below:

@TheRebelGay commented: “You can’t even vote with a felony.” @lillchowmein wrote: “A vote for Kanye is a vote for Trump so yeah we got a problem n*gga.”

@epic_werk said: “Please don’t use your platform for this. This is literally life and death for minorities right now. We can’t afford to have people following you and doing this. Please.”

@chokebey said: “Baby you got too big of a platform to be tweeting this nonsense.”

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