Climbing the Stairs of Life

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We all want a spot at the table of prominence, but how many times do we pause to ask what is the cost to get a spot at the table and brainstorm with the 10 percent that rolls the dice whose domino effect determines what policy governments make next. Wishers and thinkers have no spot on this table, rather they admire from afar off as their destinies are determined by the few who has paid the supreme price for a slot.

I can hear your imaginations as you think out loud saying they sit comfortably because they are members of the upper class of the society, probably you just concluded they are opportune to sit there. Yes you might be right, they may really be opportune, but opportunity is the end product of persistence during the hay times; those times when the cloud did blot out sunshine.

Life is in phases and men in sizes. The only way top is down, every stage you miss in the sequence increases your chances of failure because for every stage there is a lesson to learn, evading that stage denies you the necessary experience needed to handle similar situations in the future. 

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It is never easy during the climbing stage, but we will never get the full view of the whole scenery nor a complete understanding of why we had to pass through what we did till we have successfully secured a spot at the top looking down at the numerous hurdles with a triumphant smile. As difficult as it is to ascend the stairs, descent is a smooth and easy ride; this is why getting to the top is not the greatest of achievements, but remaining at the top.

Life is not fair many of us keep crying, forgetting that life demands same fairness from us all but we keep we keep to the unfair trend with life. The difference between those at the top and those at the other end of the point is our response to the many opportunities life presents to us. If having a spot at the top table is a product of being born with a silver spoon, then the table will be running over with unproductive minds. 

Refurbish your mind for productivity, cultivate the endurance mentality and grind through the stairs with the top table at heart. No one says it’s going to be an easy ride, but nobody said it’s an unachievable goal for the determined heart. Do you crave to be an authority in what you do? Fix your mind to the top and take on the obstacles on its stride. Fail if you must, but never resign to your failures. Get up go again till you take your seat at the top table.

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