Dealing with Nigeria’s Humanitarian Crisis

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Increase in the activities of non-state actors across the world has created a vacuum that can only be filled through humanitarian service. In Afghanistan for instance, there are millions of people longing for humanitarian assistance due to the collapse of their government in recent times. The same thing exist in many conflict infected countries including Nigeria where the curve of Internally Displaced Person (IDP) remains at a scary level.

For over a decade the Northern part of Nigeria, specifically, the Northeast, has been at the mercy of the anti-western education groups seeking to establish a caliphate where obnoxious laws will be applied. In order to achieve this, they have refused to relax their attacks on the dwellers by the massive invasion of communities. 
In some cases, the overflow of these attacks has resulted in kidnapping and abduction which are used as instruments to further instill fear in the minds of parents and children beyond the theatre of conflict.

States seriously affected by this flood of evil display outside the theatre of operation are Kaduna, Zamfara among others which sometimes have had to shut down schools in order to prevent the students from further attacks.
Some of the humanitarians trying to reduce this pain are sometimes being subjected to diverse forms of tortures which often lead to death. 

Though, an attack on humanitarians based on International law and conventions is forbidden but that is what is gradually becoming a common currency among these evil agents.
Therefore, let’s seize this opportunity to extend the hands of love to the needy around us and pray to God not to allow a replication of the Afghan situation in Nigeria.
Happy Humanitarian Day!
Written by Femi Oluwasanmi.

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