Governor Fayemi and the get Canadian Visa

Governor of Ekiti State says to Nigerian Youths: Quell your anger by not going to get Canadian Visa


Governor of Ekiti state; Governor Fayemi has admonished Nigeria youths not to choose Canadian visa because of the current situation going on in the country. He says that you have a better chance of surviving and excelling in Nigeria more than you would in Canada. Governor Fayemi Stated that although there is a lot of frustration that could lead to such decision, there is a glass ceiling in Canada that is not in Nigeria.

According to The Nigerian Tribune, Governor Fayemi Stated thus;

“At the risk of sounding immodest, that’s what got some of us into politics.

“We believe that another Nigeria is possible, a better Nigeria is possible and we should not stand by the sidelines in pushing for that Nigeria of our dreams. We are not there yet but that does not mean we will give up.

Governor Fayemi is the Chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum as well as the Current Governor of Ekiti state.

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