Mixed Reactions as Jack Dorsey Makes Ghana, Twitter Africa Headquarters

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Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey recently announced that Ghana will serve as its African Headquarters as the social networking company will be setting up an office in the country. This was made known in a series of tweets that read, “Twitter is now present on the continent”, “Thank you Ghana and Nana Akufo-Addo”.

In a statement released to this effect, Twitter stated the decision to make Ghana its African  headquarter is based on the country’s free speech, her AfCFTA negotiations and Internet access.

“As a champion for democracy, Ghana is a supporter  of free speech, online freedom, and the Open Internet, of which Twitter is also an advocate”, the statement read.

However, mixed reactions from Nigerians have trailed the announcement made by Jack Dorsey. Newsnowafrica.com carries out an online survey to get Nigerians’ opinion on this, taking a cursory view at the implications of this decision for Nigeria and Nigerians.


“Ghana has a more business friendly and better-structured tech environment. They are just more ready. Twitter already has us even without a branch in Africa ”~Richard Imhoagene, Abuja.

“Obviously, it is because Nigeria has had a track record of frustrating innovations, so I don’t see anything wrong in taking one’s investment to a place more welcoming and suitable place where you are not afraid of rubbish policies. Is it not the same government that wanted to regulate social media at a point and would have banned if possible during the #EndSARS protest? So, Jack Dorsey had strong enough reasons to be scared of Nigeria. I fear that Nigeria is gradually becoming a bad soil for foreign and even local investments. The country is just living on past glory, comfortably sitting on massive potentials without acting on anything”~ Layefa Nuren, Benin City.

Victor Afobude

“It is a wonderful decision, from the basics, they don’t have to use generator to power their office”~Imoni Kekeke, Benin City.

“The decision was Jack Dorsey’s to make, if he felt Nigeria was a better option for the headquarters, he would have set up the office in Nigeria, considering the fact that we are the giant of Africa”~Joshua Nnah, Lagos.

“Will you put the headquarters of your company in a country with insurgency? ”~Imaobong Esuh, Uyo.

“We already have some big tech companies in Nigeria like Google, Microsoft, etc, but it is a pointer to the fact that Ghana is becoming a more politically stable country than us. It is majorly for the ease of doing business which we lack here in Nigeria. Also, the position of government concerning free speech is not encouraging. It wasn’t long ago that the government proposed to sensor or sanction the free use of social media after the  #EndSARS protests. A government that is floating a bill of hate speech to be passed in the National Assembly and you expect Twitter to set up an office in such clime? We must be joking to even question the stance of Twitter and its CEO, Jack Dorsey to choose Ghana against us. When Barack Obama was President of the United States, did he not visit Ghana and neglect Nigeria the most populous African country? How can we continue the way we have been and expect a different result? ”~Mike Akhimien, Lagos.

“Well, I know how volatile Nigeria can be, but I think in time past we have gotten some good collaboration with Google specifically. Even Lagos state government had one collaboration with Facebook sometime last year. Is it a loss for Nigeria that Jack Dorsey did not deem us fit to be Africa’s Headquarter? Yes! But we cannot always get the juicy deals. Other African countries that did not get the win should be complaining as well. Although, it would have created more jobs for Nigerians and generated more revenue for the government, but we cannot always get the best of things”~ Joel Nwachukwu, Lagos.

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“As a CEO of a company,one is at 100 percent liberty to locate his company wherever he wants to. If Nigeria was really interested in such, then where is Gokada today? The list goes on and on. Nigeria is locomotive with a locomotive government. Jack played a huge role during the #EndSARS protest, so situating his company in Nigeria is like a goat boldly walking into the lion’s den”~Antonia Ebitimi, Yenagoa.

“Who no like better thing? When the government of Nigeria does not give room for anything good to thrive here! ”~ Anonymous.


“He had to do what he had to do, I will do same if I were to be in his shoe, likewise every business owner. I will look out for an environment where its policies will favour my business”~ Jane Onuoha, Lagos.

“Well, I don’t have much detail concerning this but I consider it as nothing. After all, the headquarter can only be in one place at a time and it is not compulsory it is in Nigeria. For some business reasons, a business owner can decide to have his business anywhere in the world. Moreover, there are other companies with headquarters in Nigeria like Facebook and Google. So, I believe it’s nothing actually”~ Joshua Olawuyi, Lagos.

“Why should he be paying for power generation when he can easily avoid that in Ghana? It is a wise business decision for me”~ Segun Sanusi, Ilorin.

“Well-deserved! Our government does not support digital transactions, Ghana does. Twitter needs an evolving government”~Lucky Ibeakanma, Awka.

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3 months ago

This is Nigeria. What did we expect