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‘Have Fun On The Go’

News Now Africa offers you the opportunity to have fun as you Read and participate on our platform set up to appreciate our Readers and writers for sticking with us this far.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate it doesn’t matter If you are a Student, writer, publisher, and user of News Now Africa. You can read and have fun on our platform.

How to Participate in News Now Africa ‘Have Fun On The Go’

Are You A Reader?

Do you love to read news, and comment, like and share; then this is for you. You can have fun as long as you participate, and use our platform.

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You can Participate by signing up now and subscribing to this platform here. Don’t Miss This!

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Are You A Blogger?

Do you love to write about news and report about what is on going, then sign up and register with our blogger program you can have fun as much as you want and also build your writing career on Newsnow Africa. Just ensure that your story is original and not copied as this would attract Heavy penalties.