Nigerians React as Federal Government Places Ban on Twitter

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The federal government of Nigeria on Saturday placed a ban on Twitter in Nigeria, stating that it is due to activities that are capable of undermining the country’s corporate existence.

Following the suspension of Twitter in Nigeria, many Nigerians have taken to social media to voice out their displeasure. News Now Africa carried out an online survey to elicit responses from Nigerians on the recent ban.

Here are some of the responses;


We are gradually in a faster pace than we think, turning into North Korea. I can’t help but appreciate the CEO’s foresight, imagine if Twitter’s Africa Headquarters was in Nigeria?~Antonia Ebitimi

“They are not concerned about the state of the country, they are only concerned about massaging their ego.” ~Victor Ighalo.

“I am angry with the nation and its people. I walk and see ignorant people oblivious of what is happening in their lives. They do not realize that everything is about the elite against the masses. They do not realize that it lies on them to change the narrative if they choose to. I was never one to think of abandoning my country to go abroad, but recently, I am beginning to give it serious thoughts.”~ Mike Akhimien.


I think the federal government should have adopted a better method in addressing this than the suspension, because of the current situation on ground in Nigeria. So, the FG should lift the ban.”~ Femi Oluwasanmi

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“Well, it’s clear we are still living in tyranny. This regime is an extension of Abacha’s and sadly, we cannot/aren’t doing anything about it.” ~Anonymous


“The issue around the #Twitterban is a reflection of the complex problems we are dealing with in Nigeria. The ban action is a move against the fundamental human rights of the citizens. The government claim they acted in the interest of the country, that is, they consider Twitter a threat to national security. Well, I believe on this note, the government has the power to take necessary action where it considers a platform is a threat to national peace. But the question is, is the government  right with this claim? Looking at the narrative of the events in recent times, we can connect the dots to show that the government is not clear on its position of existing for the people of Nigeria in general. The government actions have shown to us that there is a vested interest that favours some group against others. The government have not acted swiftly on the issue of security across the country as they have acted on Twitter’s justified corporate action. This move by the government tells us it is more personal than for the interest of Nigeria. The presidency felt insulted about the President’s deleted tweet. If otherwise, the government should have approached the issue differently. The irony of the matter is that there is no active judiciary to contest the decision of the government. The Judiciary has been on strike and the country continues to move as though nothing happens. Nigeria is on autopilot. But for a change to truly happen, the rule of law must prevail.” ~Joshua Olawuyi

“Insensitive! It shows that the federal does not have priority for relevant issues concerning the state of the nation. We have more pressing issues than banning Twitter for just trying to prevent unforeseen circumstances due to our President’s speech.” ~Joshua Nnah.


“The question is: Do we have a federal government? Certainly we do not have. What we have in government are uneducated cabals that are not in touch with the current dimension of technology. Nigerian government currently is that which has its foundation deeply rooted in tyranny, they hate the very idea of people speaking up in criticism. The ban on Twitter is the lowest depth this administration has gone and they will keep nose diving till their last days in office or the country implodes. It’s a big loss for democracy and a big loss to the Nigerian economy also.”~ Victor Afobude


“It’s an infringement on the fundamental right of freedom of speech, information and association of the citizens of this country. The President feels slighted and thus, the response is irrational and reactionary. They might have a point that Twitter hasn’t reacted in the same way to Nnamdi Kanu’s tweet, however, that still does not warrant their actions.”~Imoni Kekeke

“Mixed reactions really. The fast and cruel way they went about it really shows how insensitive to opposition and criticism they are. It shows the government have no single regard for the fundamental rights of Nigerians as a whole. President Buhari and his cohorts have really shown that they have never been Democrats. His military mentality still lives.

The President is indeed a bigot filled with tribalism and nepotism. His Fulani kinsmen kill loads of Nigerians daily, yet, no single reaction, but once the Igbos or any other tribe sneeze, he is first to pit out a statement. I also think all the President media aides are a bunch of joke and clowns from Lai to Adesina, Garba, Bashir, Tolu, etc. they have shown that they do not have tact and skills to douse tension and play good PR with words. The whole thing that let to the tweet deleted will have been put to bed with just a few statement explaining that the President never meant genocide.

Finally, to be on the side of the government, I think Twitter is also becoming too powerful in the discourse of nations. Her role is to help people interact and not become a platform to meddle into internal policies and politics of nations. If they can also stay neutral and enforce rule on fake news, they will be a good tool for all.” ~Anonymous.

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[…] READ ALSO: Nigerians React As Federal Government Places Ban On Twitter […]


[…] Nigerians React as Federal Government Places Ban on Twitter […]