Nurturing Your In and Out Beauty

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After becoming a Christian, I spent many years letting go of all the lies the enemy wanted me to believe, the lies fake friends told me, the lies society taught me and the lies I told myself. The Holy Spirit began teaching me the principles of why and how God fearfully and wonderfully made me. I’ll never forget, as I sat on my bed after work, when the LORD spoke into my heart and said, “Deborah, you are beautiful”, reminding me of Psalm 139:14. I wept as the revelation of those few Words invaded my heart and soul, causing the entrance of His light to dispel the lies and fears in my heart. Being fearfully and wonderfully was real! There are areas in our hearts that no one else can touch but Jesus! As I continued to walk with the Holy Spirit, I started to find my sparkle, light, value and power. I am still learning and growing in this.

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In the process of all this, I kind of lost focus on my outward beauty because it was no longer a priority, but the Holy Spirit has been helping and teaching me about balance in different areas of my life. In the area of beauty, I’m learning that as women, we can do both, have both and nurture both, inward and outward. We can still have priorities without neglecting or being ignorant of the less important things! 

Today, I want to encourage all you girls and women to be beautiful in every size and shape! Own it! Despite what season you are in, don’t forsake being a good steward to what God gave you. Why not take care of what God gave you and me to make it better? Be it through growing in the Word, prayer, inner self-confidence, regular exercise, rest, leaving toxic environments, therapy, a new hobby, a new hairstyle, stepping up your makeup routine, tailored clothes, perfume or good shoes. It’s 2021 sis, you can own both your inward and outward beauty and still be saved and sanctified!
Remember, don’t let the devil, fake friendships/relationships, society or yourself put “you” down!

Dear Sister, this is the year to really Grow spiritually and Glow physically. Let’s Grow and Glow!

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