Strength of the Nation


Events across the globe have shown that youths are the strength of the nation. That is why a nation that wants to progress must invest seriously in the development of her youths because failure to do this might set back the wheel of the society.

Nigeria is experiencing different kinds of killings, kidnapping, abduction among others because of the failure of those at the helm of affairs to invest in the youths. Currently, more than 20 million Nigerian youths are unemployed and others struggling to survive. An attempt to call the attention of the government to this anomaly is always met with serious resistance and high-handedness.

A veritable testimony of this was the reported killing of dozens of youths on 20th October, 2020, at Lekki toll gate in Lagos, the banning of Twitter under the pretext of national security, the arrest of those that seem to continue to call the administration to question to mention but few.

These show that youths need to take their destiny into their hands by participating seriously in the political activities because as it is now it seems those at the helm of affairs are only after their pockets.

For instance, how can a government that claim have the interest of the youths at heart disengage over 400, 000 N-power volunteers without given them exit package?

At the peak of the COVID-19 in July, 2020 the federal government through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs disengaged over 400, 000 N-power volunteers and up till date they have not been given exit package.

Therefore, as we celebrate this year’s International Youth Day, let us reflect on this and let it reflect in our votes come 2023.

It’s time to salvage our nation from its present predicament so that we can hand over a better country for the generation to come.

Happy International Youth Day.

Written by Femi Oluwasanmi aka Forward Movement (FM)

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Ruth Omorodion

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