XWHITE WILLIAM: The Life of an Achiever and a Giver

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Giving to some is a responsibility and to some others, it’s a form of exchange. But not with Efosa William Aisevbo alias XWhite, as giving comes naturally to him. He’s not just a man that gives for the sake of contributing, rather, he’s more committed to the cause.

XWhite William is a philanthropist as he is constantly involved in several charitable works and projects. He is a graduate of Computer Science from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. He alongside three inspiring individuals created Carel Studios Limited, an art studio that specializes in providing innovative art services such as shooting, song recordings, and photography. Presently, he’s not just the Top Photographer and Graphic Designer at Carel Studios, he’s also the Senior Executive Director. He also manages 25 staff members, including cinematographers, editors, and photographers.

He is an embodiment of diverse talents, and he uses these talents to impart the lives of others. His love for music led him to help music artistes grow, discover themselves, and excel in their chosen fields. Through his position as the Senior Executive Director at Carel Studios, he’s worked with several great music artistes, and has shot world-class videos with 100 of million views on YouTube combined together for Buchi, Nathaniel Bassey, Sinach, Eben, Ada, Jahdiel, Moses Bliss, Martin PK, Testimony Jaga, Ur Flames, Pee Yuu and many more.

XWhite William

He’s a man with a heart of gold. He’s nurtured and groomed so many talents to become recognizable individuals in society. He constantly gives his time, finance, resources, knowledge, and shares from his wealth of experience. He’s a mentor to many as he gets to coach them.

Mr. William regularly visits villages to distribute food, food items, and money to the villagers. He also pays the school fees of those who cannot afford to send their children to school, as well as orphans. During the COVID-19 pandemic where several had little or nothing to eat, he stood up to the task and distributed sufficient food to people and places who couldn’t afford it, as a way of aiding them to get through during the pandemic.

He’s a man filled with so much love and this is exemplified in all he does. His protégé gets to learn so much from his vast knowledge and wealth of experience.

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He’s received several notable awards over the years. While in Ekpoma managing the Kick Photo Studio, he was awarded the Best Photographer by the Esan Community and also the Best Manager of the Year award by the Association of Edo Photographers. He’s also received the awards for Best Manager, Graphic Editor, and Photographer at the Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry (LMAM) Awards, and has been nominated for the Best Manager Junior Category at the LOVEWORLD Awards with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

When asked about his goal and vision for the year 2021, he said; “2021 is a beautiful year loaded with great expectations. I am already on the move with great projects in the world of media. So it’s more expansion, more wins, and more capital investments. Both for myself, Carel Films, Loveworld Next Media, Loveworld Entertainment TV and more”.

He exudes an amazing aura that people love to associate with. XWhite lives a life of giving; and wherever he is, whatever he does, his goal is to positively impart the lives of people. He’s a gift to generations, a gift that keeps on giving!

Just like the resounding words of Kathy Calvin, “giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference”. Truly, XWhite William has made a huge, positive difference in the lives of many through his loving, kind act of giving. He’s lighted the world of many, turned sad, gloomy faces into happy one through his giving. He’s defined love in so many beautiful ways. In a world where many are constantly trying to grapple with challenges, it is a ray of hope to have individuals to lighten up that world.

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